Pracchand Ashok serial an Indian Hindi-language drama television series that airs from 6th February 2024 onwards on Colors TV and streams digitally on JioCinema. It stars Adnan Khan as Samrat Ashok Maurya and, Mallika Singh as Rajkumari Kaurvaki in lead roles.

Serial NamePracchand Ashok
Channel NameColors TV
Release DateFebruary 6, 2024
TimeMonday -Friday 9:30 PM

Pracchand Ashok Serial Cast

List of the actors and actresses who appears in the serial Pracchand Ashok of Colors TV

Adnan Khan as Samrat Ashok Maurya

Adnan Khan
Mallika Singh as Rajkumari Kaurvaki

Mallika Singh
Prachi Bohra as Maharani Devi Maurya

Prachi Bohra
Rakshanda Khan as Rajmata Helena Maurya

Rakshanda Khan
Chetan Hansraj as Samrat Bindusar Maurya

Chetan Hansraj
Manoj Kolhatkar as Chanakya

Manoj Kolhatkar
Shalini Chandran as Maharani Shubhadrangi “Dharma” Maurya

Shalini Chandran
Vivana Singh as Maharani Diana Maurya: Bindusar’s first wife; Sushim’s mother

Vivana Singh

Aarush Srivastav as Rajkumar Sushim Maurya

Aarush Srivastav
Darshana Khandelwal Makhija as Maharani Vimala Maurya: Bindusar’s second wife

Darshana Khandelwal Makhija
Dinesh Mehta as Subandhu

Dinesh Mehta
Manish Khanna as Maharaj Padmanabhan: Maharaj of Vidisha

Manish Khanna
Harsh Vashisht as Sarvadaman: Mahamantri of Kalinga

Harsh Vashisht
Ankit Bhatia as Bhadrak

Ankit Bhatia
Tanvi Sawant as Rajkumari Anandi: Bindusar and Dharma’s daughter; Ashok’s younger sister

Tanvi Sawant
Kapil Dahiya as Rajkumar Lakshman Maurya: Bindusar’s son

Kapil Dahiya
Saurabh Kaushik as Rajkumar Padmak Maurya: Bindusar’s son

Saurabh Kaushik
Surendrapal Singh as Samrat Chandragupta Maurya

Surendrapal Singh

Story/Plot of Serial Pracchand Ashok

The story unfolds with a poignant voiceover declaring, “In the land of Bharat, numerous kings rose to power, each unveiling their own truths. Yet, amidst these tales, one story remained veiled in layers of mystery. It is the saga of a valiant monarch, revered as the king of kings, a warrior of unparalleled courage, the beacon of light in a realm shrouded in darkness. However, the illumination in his world emanated from a princess known as Kaurwaki.” Their intertwined destinies commenced when Queen Dharma, consort of King Bindusar, bore the birth of this exceptional ruler amidst a night fraught with shadows and concealed truths. The saga of Emperor Ashok’s tumultuous journey commenced on that fateful night, delving into his reign as Samrat Ashok and his profound love saga with Princess Kaurvaki.

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