Deewani serial an Indian Hindi-language romantic drama television series that airs from 18th March 2024 onwards on Dangal TV and streams digitally on Dangal play. It stars Aditi Sanwal as Meera, Nitin Goswami as Parth in lead roles.

Serial NameDeewani
Channel NameDangal TV
Release DateFebruary 19, 2024
TimeMonday -Saturday 10:00 PM

Deewani Serial Cast

List of the actors and actresses who appears in the serial Deewani of Dangal TV

Aditi Sanwal as Meera Tiwari

Aditi Sanwal
Nitin Goswami as Parth

Nitin Goswami
Sehrish Ali as Payal

Sehrish Ali
Zeel Thakkar as Smriti, Meera’s sister

Zeel Thakkar
Ishrat Khan as Chayya Tiwari, Meera’s mother

Ishrat Khan
Junaid Ahmad as SanJeev Tiwari, Meera’s father

Junaid Ahmad
Roopa Divatia as Parth’s Grandmother

Roopa Divatia

Manish Khanna as Parth’s Father

Manish Khanna

Monaa Mokhha as Parth’s Aunt

Monaa Mokhha

Palak Rana as Parth’s sister

Palak Rana

Story/Plot of Serial Deewani

Meera would have lost her life in the pursuit of a selfie. If Meera had not saved Payal, she would not have been able to become Parth’s friend today. But who will be able to change the destiny? Find out that now you will put vermilion in the bride’s demand. In whose demand, vermilion in whose name is decided from there. Is it acceptable to sacrifice her life for the sake of one’s happiness? Will she has to share it with him, even she gets the vermilion of her demand?

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