Ninaithen Vandhai serial an Indian Tamil-language drama television series that airs from 22 January 2024 onwards on Zee Tamil and streams digitally on Zee5. It stars Ganesh Venkatraman as Dr. Ezhil, Keerthana Podhuval as Indhumathi, Jasmine Rath as Sudarvizhi / Tamizhselvi in lead roles.

Serial NameNinaithen Vandhai
Channel NameZee Tamil
Release DateJanuary 22, 2024
TimeMonday-Friday 7:30 PM

Cast of Ninaithen Vandhai Serial

Ganesh Venkatraman as Dr. Ezhil

Ganesh Venkatraman
Keerthana Podhuval as Indhumathi; Abhi, Kaaviya, Kavin & Anjali’s Mother, Ezhil’s deceased wife

Keerthana Podhuval
Jasmine Rath as Sudarvizhi / Tamizhselvi; Ponnuvel’s ex fiancee; Abhi, Kaaviya, Kavin and Anjali’s caretaker

Jasmine Rath
Kanishka Vijaykumar as Abhi; Ezhil and Indhumathi’s eldest daughter

Kanishka Vijaykumar
Koushik Shivanand as Kavin; Ezhil and Indhumathi’s son

Koushik Shivanand
Yuktha Sharma as Kaaviya; Ezhil and Indhumathi’s second daughter

Yuktha Sharma
Safa as Anjali; Ezhil and Indhumathi’s youngest daughter

Udumalai Ravi as Ramaiyya; Ezhil’s driver

Udumalai Ravi
Revathee Shankar as Kanakavalli; Ezhil’s mother, Abhi, Kaaviya, Kavin and Anjali’s grandmother

Revathee Shankar
Anjali Rao as Manohari; Ezhil’s best friend since childhood, Indhumathi’s murderer

Anjali Rao
Mahesh as Ponnuvel; Sudarvizhi’s ex fiance

Punitha as Selvi;Ezhil’s house helper


Story/Plot of Ninaithen Vandhai Serial

Ezhil is a successful businessman who is happily married to Indhumathi. They have four children together. But tragedy strikes when Indhumathi dies in a car accident. Ezhil finds it very hard to cope with her death and starts neglecting his children. Meanwhile, Indhumathi’s spirit stays in the house and takes care of the kids. When Sudarvizhi arrives to help look after the children, will she be able to fit into their family?

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