Jogomaya serial is a Indian Bengali Drama television series that released on 11 March 2024 on Zee Bangla and and streams digitally on Zee5. It stars Neha Amandeep as Jogomaya Halder and Syed Arefin as Rehan Chatterjee in lead roles.

Serial NameJogomaya
Channel NameZee Bangla
Release DateMarch 11, 2024
TimeMonday – Sunday 6:00 PM

Mithijhora Serial Cast

List of the actors and actresses who appears in the Zee Bangla serial Jogomaya

Neha Amandeep as Jogomaya Halder – Mintu and Sukla’s daughter

Neha Amandeep
Syed Arefin as Rehan Chatterjee – Rajeshwar and Anuradha’s son, Rudrani’s brother

Syed Arefin
Ashim Mukhopadhyay as Mrinal Halder aka Mintu – Rickshaw Driver – Jogomaya’s father

Ashim Mukhopadhyay
Somasree Chaki as Shukla Halder – Jogomaya’s mother, Mintu’s wife

Somasree Chaki
Monalisa Das as Mohamaya Halder – Jogomaya’s younger sister

Monalisa Das
Biplab Dasgupta as Sarbeshwar Chatterjee – Rajeshwar and Vishweshwar’s elder brother, Sanjoy’s father

Biplab Dasgupta
Kaushik Banerjee as Rajeshwar Chatterjee – Sarbeshwar’s younger brother, Vishweshwar’s elder brother, Anuradha’s husband, Rudrani and Rehan’s father

Kaushik Banerjee
Ananya Biswas as Rudrani Chatterjee – Rajeshwar and Anuradha’s daughter, Rehan’s elder sister

Anannya Biswas
Sutapa Banerjee as Anuradha Chatterjee – Rajeshwar’s wife, Rudrani and Rehan’s mother

Sutapa Banerjee
Rana Mitra as Vishweshwar Chatterjee – Sarbeshwar and Rajeshwar’s younger brother

Rana Mitra
Mallika Banerjee as Medha Chatterjee – Vishweshwar’s wife

Mallika Banerjee
Chandni Saha as Rema – Rehan’s Fiancée

Chandni Saha
Bhaswar Chatterjee as Sanjoy Chatterjee aka Sanju – Sarbeshwar’s son

Bhaswar Chatterjee
Jaysree Mukherjee Kaul as Shreya

Jayasree Mukherjee
Roshni Ghosh as Dustu

Roshni Ghosh
Payel Tarafdar as Srishi

Raksha Nimbargi
Aarijit Dhibar as Rob Chatterjee – Utsha’s husband

Aarijit Dhibar
Mimi Dutta as Utsha Chatterjee – Rob’s wife

Mimi Dutta
Susmita Roy Chakraborty

Susmita Roy Chakraborty
Sayantani Majumder

Sayantani Majumder
Gourab Ghoshal as Kolke – A local gangster of T.S colony

Gourab Ghoshal
Arindol Bagchi as Manager Babu

Arindol Bagchi

Plot/Story of Jogomaya

Jogomaya and Rehan are pivotal characters whose lives intertwine in a tale of resilience and determination. Jogomaya, portrayed as a strong and ambitious individual, faces various challenges but remains steadfast in her pursuit of her dreams. On the other hand, Rehan is depicted as a supportive figure who plays a significant role in Jogomaya’s journey, offering encouragement and standing by her side through thick and thin. Their relationship likely evolves throughout the narrative, showcasing moments of camaraderie, understanding, and mutual growth as they navigate the trials and triumphs that come their way. Together, Jogomaya and Rehan embody the spirit of perseverance and companionship, adding depth and emotion.

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