Jagaddhatri serial an Indian Telugu-language drama television series that airs from 21 August 2023 onwards on Zee Telugu and streams digitally on Zee5. It stars Deepthi Manne as Jagaddhatri Darsh Chandrappa as Kedar in lead roles.

Serial NameJagaddhatri
Channel NameZee Telugu
Release DateAugust 21, 2023
TimeMonday – Saturday 7.30 PM

Cast of Jagaddhatri Serial

List of the actors and actresses who appears in the Star Maa serial Jagaddhatri

Deepthi Manne as Jagaddhatri

Deepthi Manne
Darsh Chandrappa as Kedar

Darsh Chandrappa
Preethi Srinivasa as Koushiki

Preethi Srinivasa
Neelima as Nishika

Lirisha Kunapareddy as Balamani

Lirisha Kunapareddy
lakshmi Shetty as Siri

Lakshmi Shetty
Shanthi Reddy as Ragini

Shanthi Reddy
Jaya Chiravuri as Dharani

Jaya Chiravuri
Janaki as Subhadra

Devaraj Reddy as Suresh

Devaraj Reddy Sunny
Raga Madhuri as Vajayanthi

Raga Madhuri
Suhan Ghori as Yuvaraj

Suhan Ghori
Abhigna as Kavya

Nagireddy Surya as Dubai Babu

Nagireddy Surya
Jasmika as Keerthi


Story/Plot of Jagaddhatri

Jagadhatri, a courageous girl, who works as an undercover officer and a major crime case investigator, all while keeping her true identity hidden from her family. The series delves into her life as she balances her professional duties with personal challenges, including dealing with her cruel stepmother’s plans for her elder daughter’s marriage. During this time, Jagadhatri uncovers the hidden reality of the groom, showcasing her skills and determination.

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