Shree Gowri serial an Indian Kannada-language drama television series that airs from 29 January 2024 onwards on Colors Kannada and streams digitally on JioCinema. It stars Amulya Gowda as Gowri and Kartik Attavar as Appu in lead roles.

Serial NameShri Gowri
Channel NameColors Kannada
Release DateJanuary 29, 2024
TimeMonday-Friday 8:30 PM

Cast of Shri Gowri Serial

List of the actors and actresses who appears in the serial Shree Gowri of Colors Kannada

Amulya Gowda as Gowri

Amulya Gowda
Kartik Attavar as Appu

Kartik Attavar
Arohi Naina as Archana- Appu’s sister

Arohi Naina
Nandini Gowda

Nandini Gowda
Sunil Puranik as Gowri’s father

Sunil Puranik
Rajesh Dhruva

Rajesh Dhruva
Gayatri Prabhakar as Mangalamma- Appu’s mother

Gayatri Prabhakar

Story/Plot of Shri Gowri

Shreegowri follows the journey of Appu, whose world is turned upside down when his mother’s health deteriorates. To save her, he finds himself bound by duty to pursue his affection for Shreegowri, a strong-willed woman seeking genuine connections, while grappling with a significant health condition that shapes the narrative.

Each eclipse night unveils Gowri’s struggle with a sleep disorder, a secret her family conceals, and the primary reason behind her unmarried status. Despite his reservations about marriage, Appu is urged by his aging mother to wed, navigating conflicting emotions amidst his evolving relationship with Shreegowri.

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