Sandhya Raagam serial an Indian Tamil-language drama television series that airs from 9th October 2023 onwards on Zee Tamil and streams digitally on Zee5. It stars Sandhya Jagarlamudi as Janaki: Raghuram’s wife, Antara Swarnakar as Maya: Sandhiya and Kishore’s Daughter, Bhavana Lasya as Dhanalakshmi: Raghuram and Janaki’s daughter.

in lead roles.

Serial NameSandhya Raagam
Channel NameZee Tamil
Release DateOctober 9, 2023
TimeMonday-Saturday 7:00 PM

Cast of Sandhya Raagam Serial

Sandhya Jagarlamudi as Janaki: Raghuram’s wife

Sandhya Jagarlamudi
Antara Swarnakar as Maya: Sandhiya and Kishore’s Daughter

Antara Swarnakar
VJ Thara as Dhanalakshmi: Raghuram and Janaki’s daughter

VJ Thara

Rajeev Parameshwar as Raghuram: Ramaniyammal’s elder son

Rajeev Parameshwar
Surjith Kumar as Sreenu: Maya and Dhanalakshmi’s cousin

Surjith Kumar
Akshaya Rao as Sandhiya, Maya’s mother, Kishore’s wife

Akshaya Rao

Manush Manmohan
Rajkamal as Shivaram

Arifa Arafat as Parvathi: Shiva’s wife

Arifa Arafat
Thiyan Jackie as Appu, Shivaram and Parvathi’s son

Thiyan Jackie
Subbulakshmi as Padma, Raghuram’s sister, Sreenu’s mother

Sheela as Ramaniyamal

Sofia as Bhuvaneshwari

Shankaresh Kumar as Prabhu

Shankaresh Kumar

Kaviya B as Friend of Dhanalakshmi

Kaviya B

Story/Plot of Sandhya Raagam Serial

Sandhya Raagam is a story about the emotional bonds between small-town siblings Janaki and Sandhiya. And they will suffer separation after their marriage. Janaki is caring for Sandhiya’s daughter Maya, whose family opposes Sandhiya’s marriage, after her younger sister Sandhiya passes away.

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